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Ask the staff or rooms service if you need personal laundry doing: typically Rp10,000 – 30,000 depending on size of load.


We’ve got a small library of books in the dining room.. We’re not averse to swaps, but on a like for like basis in terms of quality/content – no more dog eared copies of Mechanics for Beginners in Finnish please.


Rather to our surprise we’ve been getting an increasing number of younger guests. If you’re one of them, you really are very welcome, and the kids from the village will also make that clear!


The ‘Kios’ in the kampong are ok for day to day needs - cigs, batteries, sweets and drinks – please ‘shop local’ if you can; its much appreciated.

Anything more sophisticated requires a trip to Langgur/Tual. In the past diligent search unearthed quite esoteric if ancient treasures. However, Langgur now has a supermarket (the Gota). You can get a wide range of stuff there including imported
fruit (but not booze: if you find decent plonk anywhere please mark the spot). There is a good chemist/apotek/doctors just along the road. A little further down on the same side as the chemist and supermarket is a decent internet café (Kimson) with skype.

The town’s markets are worth a visit . There’s a small one in Langgur Ohoijang where the local bemo terminates, and a much bigger one down by the docks in Tual where you can find out what happened to that stuff you gave to Oxfam.

 Tual Fish Market

Afraid Kei doesn’t do local handicrafts apart from pearls (mutiara), which we’re very good at (at least 7 farms). There are a couple of wide boys who try to flog these to visitors, but even the big hotels (Grand Vilia and Suita) give a better deal, and you may find the smaller shops, especially in Tual, competitive: try Toko Mutia, jalan Fidnang Armau and/or Toko Souvenir “Mutiara” jalan Pattimura No. 15 (in front of Tual BemoTerminal).

During the week security should not be a problem, but to be on the safe side lock your stuff in your room if you leave the cottage. This is strongly advised at weekends when
the visitors come down from town - as far as I’m aware we’ve never had anything nicked and would like to keep it that way.


Local doctor: Dr. Agustina Renyut jst south of the Gota supermarket (phone: 0916 – 21795, mobile 081 343 023 212) Trained in Munich, speaks German and English and knows Ohoililir.


• Catholic hospital - on the main road in Ohoijang/Langgur. No x-ray facilities
• public hospital (Rumah Sakit Umum) Langgur – the Accident & Emergency might seem basic but there is an X-ray and other parts have been modernized. Jalan Soekarno Hatta.
You have to pay at both hospitals. Some of the doctors speak English but don’t bank on it – take a bilingual friend.

At risk of being preachy, if you haven’t much experience of riding motorbikes don’t start in Kei, take an ojek. We have had to cart a couple of guests/novice riders to hospital and it was a close run thing as to whether they were more traumatized by their injuries
or the facilities. Ditto those macho types who think mozzies wouldn’t dare, and so forgo tablets, spray, nets etc.

Public Hospital, Soekarno-Hatta str.



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